Load banks: Resistance load testing

Rent to test your own constructions

Do you wish to test your existing emergency power systems? We rent our load banks with a performance from 10 to 900 KW. With the help of a load bank you can determine whether your power supply system is capable of delivering the appropriate target power as necessary.


Your benefits by using one of our load banks

Our load banks ensure the viability and resilience of your systems. Likewise, they can be used for adjusting, testing and maintaining as well as the technical inspection of your generators. For this purpose, load tests are carried out with continous operation, load connnection and load disconnection. 

– Load banks from 10-900 KW
– Short term planning (Enquiry)
– Fast delivery by our trucks
– Own pickup with training is possible
– Rapid availability, for example as 900 KW with two axle trailer, 2,6 tons total weight

 Our load banks are suitable for:

· Diesel generators · Standard heating installation
· 3-phase alternating current
· Test according DIN 6280-13
· Gas, fuel oil and steam turbine
· Room and thermal load for climate test
· Combined cycle
· Standard generator calefaction test
· Uninterrupted power supply unit
· Transfer and elemination  from Load
· Transformer · Load dispersion
· Frequency converter
· Simulation from e-motor start
· Engines
· Provision of baseload
· Alternating current generators · Battery discharge
· Emergency power generators · Testing of  UPS  constructions
· Gearsystem and Subsystem · Indoor heating for temperature simulations
· Gas and steam turbine
· Examination of distribution
· Implementing test · Transformers temperature test
· Electric test runs
· DC aggregates test
· Total power from wind energy appendix
· Test from frequency inverters