Power generators selection guide

Select the right power generator

The WA Notstromtechnik GmbH has extensive experience and a high level of expertise in the field of power generators for various uses. Read more about the power generators that we offer and learn important details that are important for the selection of your unit of meaning. Our additional information on power generators contribute to a professional basis for decision making and give you an overview of the wide range, which is available with us.

The various generators are on the market today, which differ in their construction, in its class, in size and in technical details. When choosing a generator performance play and the quality of the device a significant role. Moreover, it is important that the power generator is optimally matched to the respective load to be powered.

Our power generator manufacturers are designated and known and stand for high and reliable quality. All generators manufacturer whose devices we carry in our offer, meet the highest standards of safty, reliability and durability of the power generator. You get robust, stable devices that turn out with a low fuel consumption and extremlely environmentally friendly and economical.

We offer you a large  and diverse range of power generators of different brands the opportunity to meet your individual choises and accurately to purchase that device that will meet your needs. From small, portable power generators, PTO generators, floodlights aggregates, power generators in containers to large , securely attached and emergency power systems.

We also perform always a diverse selection of used power generators from leading manufacturers, which are just like our new equipment the highest demands.

Furthermore you can rent power generators of different designs for a short-term use with us.

We will advice you when choosing your power generator to find the right one for you power generators for operational or mobile use.

Important selection criteria for your power generator

When using power generators, there are various important factors for the choice of the appropriate or power generator of importance to ensure a safe and trouble-free supply of technical equipment and installations. If the generator is wrongly dimensioned, it may cause damage to the generator. The following request data which are important for a correct selection of the generator

 Important information for choosing a power generator:

– Frequency (50/60 Hz)
– Cos phi of the connected consumer load
– Type of consumer loads (inductive or capacitive)
– Emergence of high inrush currents (E.-engines)
– Amount of the unequal irregular impact of  3-phase
– Accessibility of the site
– Noise of the generator
– Constiuation of location
– Operating time of the power generator
– Total load (A)
– Voltage (230V/400V)


– Light Stage
– Sound- Stage
– Cathering
– Others
– Total active power

All services are 400 V based on 3-phase (three-phase). To avoid current fluctuations should have a reserve of about 25% to be calculated.

KW Generator power including  25% Reserve:  350 KW + 25% = 437,50 KW
kVA Generator power including 25% Reserve: 437 kVA + 25% = 546,88 kVA