Cogeneration unit CHP Features

The following points show the characteristics of a cogeneration unit / combined heat and power (CHP) plants:

  • A cogeneration unit is a complete power plant operating according to the principle of cogeneration
  • Heat and electrical energy are generated economically and ecologically
  • The diesel or gas-fueled engine used as a drive unit generates electrical energy via a generator with high efficiency. The heat energy from cooling water and exhaust gas is available via effective heat exchanger systems
  • Reliable industrial motors with heat exchangers enable a “net synchronous operation” which is designed for optimal economy and a self-sufficient non-stop supply in “island operation”
  • All operating sequences are electronically controlled and permanently monitored
  • Optimal economy
  • High efficiency of primary energy up to 91%
  • Reliable drive motors with long service life
  • Electronic control and permanent monitoring of all operating sequences
  • High environmental friendliness through effective sound insulation measures and low exhaust emissions
  • Use as an uninterruptible emergency power supply or as a peak load unit
  • Compact systems in containers for outdoor installation, simple assembly, easy connection

Further information about combined heat and power plants: