Deutz Emission Reduction Technology

Deutz Emission Reduction Technology – Best equipment for the future

The biggest challenge our industry faces today is the implementation of the exhaust emission laws. Since 1986 regulations will be introduced in Europe and the US, which reduce the amount of pollutants in the exhaust gases of diesel engines systematically. Gaseous substances, which come into exisence due to the burning of fossil fuels, are responsible for a number of negative environmental impacts such as acid rain (leading to deforestation), smog and greenhouse gases linked to global warming.

With our Deutz power generators, you can face this challenge without worries. DVERT ® (DEUTZ Variable Emission Reduction Technology) is our answer to the future needs of our customers. DVERT ® is a modular system of technologies used in many different configurations of our Deutz power generators. The essential principle is:

“as much technology as necessary and not as much technology as possible.”

Almost all the elements of the DVERT ® concept can be combined next to each other, to ensure the desired outcome regarding engine performance, compliance with emission limits and to ensure competitiveness. With our highly flexible system, we can ensure that an “over-tech” is avoided and only so much technology is being used, as necessary and useful.