Perkins power generators

Perkins Engines Company Ltd. is a British, world renowned manufacturer of diesel and gas engines. Frank Perkins, of the June 7, 1932 opened a small maschine factory and soon sold already self-developed engines, was the founder of the company. 1959 was sold to Massey Ferguson, however, retained his brand name. 2002 Perkins was acquired by Caterpillar, the name Perkins was also this time maintained.

Well prepared for the future

The industries and locations vary, but the need for a constant power backup is always the same. Regardless of whether a continous, emergency or peak load power supply is needed. Or whether a pure electricity with combined heat and power (CHP) is required in all cases, the Perkins diesel engine of WA Notstromtechnik GmbH  is an effective, reliable solution that can be configured to your exact requirements.

Especially our WA-power generators are characterized with Perkins engines by:

– Reliability
– Very high quality
– Extremly compact and powerful
– Very low noise emissions
– Cutting-edge technology with electronic control
– Longevity with little maintenance

Perkins power generators series WA-P 9-665 kVA

WA-P series 1.500 r.p.m
9-665 kVA

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Perkins power generators series WA-P 750-2.075 kVA

WA-P Series 1.500 r.p.m
750-2.075 kVA
With electronic voltage regulator (AVR)

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