MTU power generators series WA-M 400-2.300 kVA

The industrial diesel engines used by WA Notstromtechnik GmbH MTU form the basis of our large series aggregates. The planning of power systems – as well as major international projects are managed always individually by our company. Even before we are gladly offer advice and support to the side. You will benefit from our numerous experiences in aggregates construction. After clarifying your needs, we will develop a solution for exactly your specific application. The power system is manufactured in Germany by qualified staff and tested on a test bench units. After delivery, the power system is taken  by us into operation and then passed to the customer´s site.

Our MTU power generators 400-2.300 kVA – 1.500 r.p.m – diesel – watercooled

Power generator
100 % PRP*
WA-M 400
400 10 V 1.600 G 20 F
WA-M 500
510 10 V 1.600 G 20 F
WA-M 620
620 12 V 1.600 G 10 F
WA-M 680
680 12 V 1.600 G 20 F
WA-M 800
800 12 V 2.000 G 26 F
WA-M 840
840 12 V 2.000 G 26 F
WA-M 950
950 16 V 2.000 G 16 F
WA-M 1.050
1.050 16 V 2.000 G 26 F
WA-M 1.150
1.150 16 V 1.600 G 36 F
WA-M 1.250
1.250 18 V 2.000 G 26 F
WA-M 1.300 1.300 18 V 2.000 G 26 F
WA-M 1.400 1.400 12 V 4.000 G 23 R
WA-M 1.500 1.500 12 V 4.000 G 23
WA-M 1.650 1.650 12 V 4.000 G 23
WA-M 1.830 1.830 12 V 4.000 G 63
WA-M 2.000 2.000 16 V 4.000 G 23
WA-M 2.100 2.100 16 V 4.000 G 23
WA-M 2.300 2.300 16 V 4.000 G 63

*Prime Power PRP. Maximum power for variable load, no time limit per year. The average 24 hours operation should not exceed 80% of that power. For control purposes an thrust harder Maschinery is an overload of 10% for 1 hour within 12 hours permitted. Mode according to ISO 8528. The maintenace is to be considered.

Power generator
100 % Last PRP
WA-M 400
348,4 KW 86,59 L/h
WA-M 500
433,0 KW 108,57 L/h
WA-M 620
506,0 KW 116,99 L/h
WA-M 680
558,0 KW 128,6 L/h
WA-M 800
 on demand  on demand 
WA-M 840
 on demand    on demand
WA-M 950
 on demand    on demand
WA-M 1.050
 on demand   on demand 
WA-M 1.150
 on demand    on demand
WA-M 1.250
  on demand  on demand 
WA-M 1.300   on demand   on demand
WA-M 1.400  on demand    on demand
WA-M 1.500   on demand  on demand 
WA-M 1.650  on demand    on demand
WA-M 1.830   on demand  on demand 
WA-M 2.000   on demand   on demand
WA-M 2.100   on demand   on demand
WA-M 2.300   on demand  on demand

All data in basic model or series delivery


Basic equipment MTU power generator

Power generator: The complete power generator is mounted on a steel base frame. On the steel base frame are specially designed devices, for lifting with a crane or Forklift. The diesel engine and the alternator are connected to a SAE-flange, that even a longer period of operation no possibility of an adjustment exists. The daily fuel tank is integrated in the steel base frame. The starter batteries of 12 or 24 volts are fixed on the steel base frame. Preheating-system 230 Volt DC.

Engine: MTU industrial diesel 4-stroke direct injection, watercooled 1.500 rpm (50 Hz). Low oil and fuel consumption with long maintenance intervals make a very economic engine application.

Alternator: Mecc Alte alternator, brushless self-exciting, self-regulating with electronic voltage regulator (AVR) according to VDE 0530, 400/230 volts, 4-pole, insulation class H.

Control Panel: Manual start-stop-system with engine shutdown during monitoring, when low oil pressure (LOP), High temperate (HWT) and overspeed. Alternator switch, 3-pole with thermal and magnetic protection. Frequency meter, hours counter, voltmeter, ampere meter, optical and acoustic alarm. Electronic engine speed governor, AMF automatic control panel with ATS, for parallel operation with the mains supply or peak looping operation.

Tank: 24h fuel tank, automatic fuel-fill-system.

Trailer: 1 or 2 axle trailer.

Options: For all power generators is a wide range of accessories available.

Technical changes: We keep ahead.


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