Iveco basic equipment

Iveco power generator: Basic equipment

All of our Iveco gensets share following basic equipment.


Output power: Each WA-Iveco power generator comes in 400/230 volt with 50 Hz. Other voltages and frequencies are on request available.

Engine: Water-cooled maintainable particularly smooth running and low noise industrial diesel engine, with new optimized engine technology significantly below the legally required limits. These capacities are given according to DIN ISO 3046-1 (1997) at a suction temperature of 298 K (25 ° C), an air pressure of 100 kPa (1.000 mbar), and a relative humidity of 30%.

Cooling System: 40° C Tropical radiator fan is directly driven by the diesel engine

Generator: Complies with DIN VDE 0530 IEC 34-1. Electronic three-phase synchronous generator, brushless, self-regulating, non-protected, fan cooled, drip-proof IP 23. The insulation complies with DIN 50 010 and VDE 0539 equipped with heavy duty bearings, mounted in lubricants for maintenance-free operation in accordance with international standards. The rotor is dynamically balanced with a half key in the shaft end.

Panel: Built on model “G” or inside the canopy integrated model “S” with shutdown of the diesel engine when oil pressure (LOP), over-temperature (HWT), over-speed, optional emergency automatics are available.

Tank: Integrated in the base of the machine with flexible lines to the diesel engine, sensor for displaying contents, filling and venting.

Base frame: The complete generating set is mounted on a base frame made of welded steel profiles in a robust design. The base frame specially designed devices for lifting are mounted with a crane. The diesel engine and the generator are directly over a SAE-flange connected to each other, so that even after prolonged operation there is no possibility of misalignment.

Documentation: Complete description, clearly filed for the engine, generator, and whole plant.

Test drive: Each genset is tested in the test area before leaving the factory.