Cogeneration unit CHP Downloads

This information page provides you with important information on cogeneration (CHP) for CHPs free of charge. The aim of our Internet pages is to provide the largest possible number of customers with uncomplicated and fast facts and tips on cogeneration and the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). For the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed.

EC – Material Safty Data Sheet 
Engine oil SAE 10 W 40
Sicherheitsdatenblatt ad-Motorenöl 10w-40.pdf
6 Seiten – 29,360 kb
EC – Material Safty Data Sheet
Refined palm oil
2 Seiten – 40.886 kb
EC – Material Safty Data Sheet
1 Seite – 13,800 kb
EEG – German Renewable Energy Act
2004: reference: BGBI 2004, 1918
19 Seiten – 98.976 kb
NaWaRo Substance List: Indicative list of substances, the right to purchase the NaWaRo Bonus nawaro-stoffliste-jan2005.pdf
1 Seite – 119.576 kb
Biomass regulation: as amended on August 18, 2005 version biomasse-verordnung.pdf
5 Seiten – 94.987 kb
Notes to the request for admission of a cogeneration plant for the combined heat and power law of 19.03.2002 (Federal Law Gazette Part 1 page 1092) kwk-zulassung-erl.pdf
6 Seiten – 28.410 kb
Applications for the main customs office to issue a single permit for the tax-privieged use of fuel oil in a plant for combined heat and power Antrag-Hauptzollamt.pdf
6 Seiten – 145.387 kb
A draft law for the maintenance, modernization and expansion of combined hart and power (Combined heat and power law) kwk-gesetz.pdf
35 Seiten – 189.440 kb
Technical Instructions on Air Quality, First General Administrative Provision for Federal Pollution  Control Act (Technical Instruction Air) Cabinet decision of 12.12.2001 ta-luft.pdf
233 Seiten – 996.101 kb
Technical Instructions on Air justification; Objective and necessity of the amendment to the technical instructions for cLean Air (Technical Instructions Air) Cabinet decision of 12.12.2001 ta-luft-begruendung.pdf
15 Seiten – 227.811 kb
Biomass Ordinance – Biomass Regulation on the production of electricity from biomass of 21.06.2001 biomasseverordnung.pdf
34 Seiten – 86.411 kb
A draft law for the protection of electricity from combined heat and power (CHP interim law). Draft factions SPD and Alliance 90/ The Greens 14th legislature kwkvorschalt.pdf
8 Seiten – 227.811 kb


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