Cogeneration Unit CHP

Cogeneration unit CHP Features

A Cogeneration unit (CHP) is a complete power plant operating according to the principle of cogeneration.

The diesel or gas-fueled engine used as a drive unit generates electrical energy via a generator with high efficiency. The heat energy from cooling water and exhaust gas is available via effective heat exchanger systems.

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Cogeneration Unit: CHP operating conditions

Combined heat and power (CHP) is the solution for safe heat and electricity generation for all buildings with a heat demand of 200 KW upwards. In all buildings, it lowers incidental costs like no other system.

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Cogeneration unit CHP Downloads

This information page provides you with important information on cogeneration (CHP) for CHPs free of charge.

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RemoteGen®, RemoteGenDia®, RemoteGenWeb®

The Intelligent Control System for CHP plants. Our RemoteGen® system monitors the exhaust temperature for each cylinder. The temperatures are compared to each other.

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